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From a small town on an island in the Pacific Northwest, our company was founded in the spring of 2022.


We met in the winter of 1997. We were both involved in sports together and after our high school careers ended, we found ourselves with different jobs, post-secondary paths, and life changes, but we continued to keep in touch. Fast forward to 2013 when we realized that we lived in the same small town 45 minutes north of Victoria, BC. Our small worlds collided... and we both found ourselves on our local volunteer fire department.

With almost 25 years of combined experience at our local volunteer fire department and in wildland firefightering, we found a market for a hose roller that would create a figure 8 that allows the wildfire hose to be flaked out rather than unrolled.

The concept for this type of hose roll is not new. Although there are hose rollers for this in circulation, there is no easy way to purchase them in North America (and when you can find them, they are old, loved, and rarely ever for sale). And so began the idea & creation of The Western Wildfire Figure 8 Hose Roller. A product that is currently made and available to everyone. Our design aimed to improve the accessibility, reliability, serviceability, durability, longevity and mobility of this unit.


We hope this hose roller makes your life a little easier in the bush!


Happy firefighting! 

Wes & Vikki

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