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The Western Wildfire Figure 8 Hose Roller creates a figure 8 hose roll. This hose roll has one coupling in the middle and the other on the outside. To deploy this hose, crack open the butterfly and deploy the inside coupling (walking away from the roll with this as the nozzle end). 

To get your hose ready to roll, place the hose under the guide bar, place the coupling in the hose spool, and put your foot on the bottom stirrup for stability... you are now ready to roll. Place one hand (gloved) on the spool add a little pressure (this helps to keep the figure 8 tight) and the other on the handle. Roll until the second coupling stops at the guide bar, un-hook it, and make a final turn with the handle to bring it up. Move around the the end of spool and with both hands, pull the hose off. From here it can be tied for transport or storage or loaded into a hose bag for rapid deployment. Our video shows the hose being deployed from an anchor point and the firefighter walking toward the target. If the hose is loaded into a hose bag, the inner coupling will stay at the anchor point and the hose will be flaked out as the firefighter walks towards the target.

Because of the way this roll has been done, it allows for quick and easy deployment of a hose over uneven ground without twists or snags in either direction. Rather it flanks out in a smooth, flat pattern. Although the roll may appear like a traditional double-donut roll, the deployment is unrecognizable since a double-donut needs a clear path to be fully unrolled and if this is not done in one fluid and complete motion, the hose ends up with many twists in it. 

The other advantage of this hose roll is that multiple hoses can be stacked on top of each other like in a truck hose bed, allowing for up to 6+ lengths of hose to be walked out in a single trip. This can also be achieved if the Western Wildfire rolls are coupled together and placed in a hose bag that the firefighter wears. This keeps the anchor point stationary and the hose unravels from the backpack - meaning you don't have to pull the entire length along the ground surface. 

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